Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Is therapy right for me?

Seeking therapy is an individual choice that only you will know the answer to. However, not everyone who decides to seek therapy will have the opportunity to consult with their potential therapist like you will with me prior to scheduling an appointment. I strongly believe that when a patient seeks me for services, they should  also interview me to determine if we are a good match before making a commitment to an appointment. I am a firm believer that I should have the opportunity to also consult with a potential new patient, such as yourself, to provide psychoeducation about how my services could be beneficial to your specific situation.
Services rendered can focus on areas not limited to anxiety, depression, grief and loss, social skills, life skills, assertiveness, motivation, decision-making and conflict resolution. Therapy is also a two way street. Coming from a strength-based perspective, together we will (1) Determine the work that needs to be done, (2) Begin the Reconstruction process to break down any negative thoughts that will prevent you from reaching your goal (3) Rebuild your self perception of your strengths in such a way that you may not even recognize yourself in a good way and lastly, (4) I will Empower, push and motivate you to reach  your goal(s). 
So NOW, If you are still unsure if you are ready, think about these statements:
"I am LITERALLY ready to kick my problems in the mouth TODAY!"
"Wouldn't it be awesome if I woke up the day after my session and felt REVIVED! EMPOWERED! ALIVE AGAIN!
"I can learn how to take information learned in my session today, apply it immediately, and see RESULTS!"
"The stages of change include DenialAmbivalence toward change, Determined to make a change, Making the change and Maintaining the change. Hence, I know I am ready, because I have recognized that I need to work on some things, I just need some tools!"
If any of those statements above resonate with you, you have answered the initial question "is Therapy Right For You!
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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Whats your baggage?


"Baggage" is just not a term we use when describing the item we use to pack our clothes in when we want to travel.
"Baggage" is also known for an item as a symbol of how much "stuff" we are carrying around with us that may impact interpersonal relationships.
Baggage can include but not be limited to:
-Unhealthy relationships in the past
- Trust issues
- Exposure to violence including DV
- Lack of exposure to healthy relationships
- Poor self esteem aka confidence
- Any level of Trauma
Often times when two people meet, they are unaware of the amount of baggage the posses as it is "repressed" or pushed down into their memory because they want to think about or process it.
Hence, people also refuse to open that baggage and instead they will stuff it in a closet or in the garage. However when something happens in a relationship that triggers that bag to open (unconsciously), they may "over react." If this continues to occur, it will cause discord in their relationship that may result in yet another trauma or unhealthy relationship and will be added to their self fulfilling prophecy of:
-I am not the relationship type
-I'm cool I can be single
-I can't trust anyone
-All of them are the same
If this sounds very familiar, please stay tuned! I will be revealing more information about the "baggage" concept.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Does an "Ideal Mate" Exist?

Reconstruct - Rebuild - Empower
Doctor TK
Reconstruct - Rebuild - Empower

Does an "Ideal Mate" Exist?

The answer to this question can vary depending on who you speak with based off of their past and/or current relationship experience. The phrase "Ideal Mate" often is associated with an individual developing a list of ideal characteristics that they would want their partner to have. Nevertheless,  a huge amount of individuals neglect to shift their focus on their own personal characteristics that they possess and what "they" can or cannot "bring to the table." Hence, people focus solely on the joy and happiness that someone else can bring them instead of determining what they have to offer. 

Relationships have always been a two-way street but in order for any relationship to become and remain successful, both parties have to be willing to identify their strengths and weaknesses in addition to providing and receiving constructive feedback from one another based on the characteristics they choose to share with others. 

This blog was developed to explore the "tip of the iceberg" phenomenon along with the multitude of layers beneath the surface that an individual does not like to reveal about themselves. The goal is for an individual to understand what type of "Ideal Mate" they will make VERSUS only focusing on what ideal mate they deserve. 

For more information, please stay tuned as these discussion will happen each week, Mondays!

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